Gift Tips for Boys: Suggestions That Will Make Him Happy

By Donald Bradleys

As far as men are concerned, gifts are as good as anything you give them. Just like anybody else, you want to make the gifts you give a man as unique as possible. If you can't make one yourself, at least buy something that you can still customize somehow. It doesn't need to be expensive as long as you know he can use it or it is something that interests him.

1. Sporting goods is usual type of gift a man would commonly appreciate. That's of course, if he's into a certain sport. You may get him a personalized set of barbells if he's into figure building, a nicely autographed baseball bat by his favorite baseball player, a set of basketball cards of his favorite basketball star or a brand new bowling ball with his initials engraved on it. The choices are usually unlimited provided that you know what he wants and it's within your budget.

2. A good wine that will suit his taste is something he will surely love, especially if you'll share it with him. This is the type of gift a woman gives to a man whom she finds romantic and has good taste for good wine. You can at least customize it by putting the bottle in a basket you personally designed to add a touch of your artistry.

3. If he's into autos, you could get him a small replica of his car. Have it painted similarly to the car he owns and put it in a special box that he can certainly keep safely. I am pretty sure that with each and every car manufacturers there is, Matchbox will definitely have it and the current version of each that comes in just about every color you could imagine. You could also get him a brand new set of tools that he can use in repairing his car.

4. Some men can be very vain in their own ways so you might want to give them colognes, perfumes, skin care products or spa gift certificates. If you're giving them spa gift certificates, make sure you get one for yourself too so that you can both enjoy it together.

5. Outdoor equipment are also excellent gifts for adult men who love to go fishing, camping or basically going on road trips occasionally. You could get them a new fishing rod, a fresh set of fishing hooks, a fresh tent or even a fresh picnic backpack set that you can appreciate together when you go in a picnic.

6. Nowadays, with all the latest technology gadgets coming out everywhere, a lot of guys love getting something new on the market like a brand new camera phone with wifi capabilities, a fresh laptop they could apply for gaming, a new game for their particular Xbox or even as simple as a brand new remote control for their TV.

It really differs and there are generally plenty of devices to choose from. You just need to know what he loves and what he needs. You don't have to get him something extremely expensive. Just don't forget to add a minimal personal touch to it and you're all set. - 31834

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The Four Things Your Blackberry Curve 8530 Leather Case Needs To Have

By Meg Jones

So you've got your brand new Verizon Wireless Blackberry Curve 8530, now how to do you choose from all the screen protectors, holsters, leather cases, silicone cases, etc.? Well tackling that question will make this blog the size of a phone book (do they make those anymore?), so today let's just cover the very important leather case. You can find cheaply priced leather cases that can be good, maybe some higher priced ones that are a little better, and then you can shell out a good chunk of change for a brand name case, but other than the looks they are made of the same materials and do the same job. Whatever reason you have for purchasing a leather case, if stick to the suggestions we give below, you should end up with a dependable, good-looking case that will do a good job protecting your phone.

1.) Functionality- In terms of a leather case, functionality comes down to how well the case works with your Blackberry Curve. For obvious reasons you don't want a bulky or heavy, if for nothing more than sheer comfort. You also want to be sure your leather case has a magnetic flap or something similar that will keep the phone securely inside when you are moving around. At the same time, the flap should not make it difficult for your to pull out your phone when you need to. When using a holster type leather case with a clip, be sure it can swivel back and forth so it won't break when you sit or stand.

2.) Durability- The better the craftsmanship, the longer the case will last, simple as that. Most leather cases will be stitched together. Just look for tight stitching threads and a clean cut along the leather. How long will it last after that is a matter of time of course.

3.)Warranty- Be sure to read the retailer's warranty information, every website should have some form of warranty and return policy for replacing defective items. A good warranty should be between 6-12 months.

4.)Protection- Watch out for cases made of lower quality materials, they could easily do more harm than good to your phone since it will sit in the leather case most of the time. As far as the actual material inside the phone, it should be a soft suede or nylon material to help keep the device cool. The outside should be well-constructed and to protect the screen most of all.

As long as you cover the attributes mentioned above when selecting your Verizon Wireless Blackberry Curve 8530 Leather Case, you should be able to avoid having your phone look prematurely aged. It will also keep you from having to repurchase the same item over and over again or need to search for another case that suits you. One last tip, if you find a company that has items that meet the requirements above, you can save a lot of money by simply signing up for their newsletters and updates. - 31834

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Tips For Online Shoppers

By Donny Donatelli

I know that nowadays, buying something by means of the net is the swiftest and the most comfortable way to get hold of the goods that you instantly need. When you are in a hurry and suddenly you need food for your guests who are on their way to your place you are too busy to prepare food for them because it will be too late by then once they arrive. What you could do is go to the web and search via Google.

Personally, I have set my default home page to Google because so far, it is the search engine with the vast majority of accurate and accomplish details, especially with regards to directories of the nearest restaurants, the newest place in town or the latest devices on the market. Simple as it is, anyone who considers online shopping part of their constant routine must also be aware that if shopping online is effortless, we may also be cheated and scammed in it easily. So what we must do is to be informed on the things that should keep us risk-free from the web predators so we do not fall prey to them when we do our net shopping spree.

First thing I look for in a website where I am making a purchase is the padlock symbol which is normally found at the bottom right part of the website. You should also click on it and it should show you all the information about the seller. The information in the certificate and the information posted on the seller's profile should match. If they don't, look for another seller. Also, are you required to by the shopping website to enter your confidential information such as bank account numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, date of birth and social security number? Make sure that before you do so, you need to run an anti spyware program that will stop any phishing programs from getting all these information from you without you knowing it.

In terms of having the items you acquired delivered, according to a particular FTC rule that I have found on the net also, says that the seller should give you a certain time frame on when the goods you have bought will likely be delivered to you. In case he could not give you an actual time frame or date when the goods are going to be delivered, you may assume that within 30 days upon making the payment, you should receive the stuff you ordered. If not, the seller should give you a choice to get the payment back as a refund after you cancel the order you placed.

In case that you are currently in a situation where you think you have just been scammed or ripped off by a seller on a particular shopping internet site, you can look for the link that says "contact us" and you ought to find there the phone number, email address or the office area of the administration. Then you could get in touch with them to discuss what happened to the transaction you made via their internet site. In the event you don't think they did enough to protect your interests as a consumer, then I strongly suggest that you get in touch with the Better Business Bureau - Office of the State Attorney Common in your state or the particular state where the seller is or you can also go to the Federal Trade Commission and obtain a Consumer Complaint Form.

Keep in mind that we can easily always avoid getting scammed if only we know how to be on the look out for these predators in the internet. It's our responsibility as consumers to become vigilant in almost everything we do, particularly on the internet where almost everything is available. - 31834

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Shopping Like A Celebrity Is As Easy As Saying Gucci

By Sarah Bielak

It's been said that if you make it in New York, then you can make it practically anywhere. Being able to survive New York is one of the best accomplishments that a person can ever brag about because the streets of New York can be really mean. On the contrary, The Big Apple is also one of the best places to shop because there are streets that are entirely dedicated to the designers who want to have their merchandises available to all the people who come to New York and leave with the designers' names in their shopping bags. And speaking of shopping the Big A, you can shop just like your favorite celebrity and when you do, do it in style.

Here are some tips that you can follow to be able to shop around New York, the Hollywood way. Before you do that, make sure that you have a hefty amount of cash with you and a credit card with a good credit limit to make sure that you don't get embarrassed while making purchases and the sales lady suddenly approaches you and asks for another credit card because the one you gave her just got declined. So now we proceed with the tips as promised.

First thing that you need to have that celebrity feel when you go shopping is to look around before you make any purchases. The sales people inside the shop might think that you're just another window shopper. This is the part when you surprise them all, grabbing all the items that you want. Don't ask for the price and don't ever make the price tag your first target. This is very enjoyable and very celebrity-like.

Next thing to make it a real celebrity shopping is to bring your friends or hire a bodyguard to stand beside you during your designer store hopping to draw attention. Trust me, everybody will be coming up to you to see who the celebrity is. Some might even ask for their pictures taken with you.

Another thing to be aware is to never take a cab or even the subway unless you would like to go incognito. With all the shopping bags you have, you must travel in style. It may be a rented SUV or a limo that will be able to drive you to the poshiest stores in the city. Truly an attention grabber and works all the time.

It's also possible to do the celebrity-in-disguise drama by sporting a really concealed look either with a big scarf all over you or a baseball cap while holding your purse on one hand and a starbucks coffee latte on the other. It is normally how celebrities will look like once they go shopping and they wouldn't want to get recognized and draw up a crowd.

Eventually, make Fifth Avenue your destination for shopping simply because it is where the posh stores usually are found. You'll be able to get stuff from Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Tiffany, Versace and a lot more. Aside from Fifth Avenue, you may even find more upscale stores at Upper West Side or SoHo. - 31834

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The Top Five Reasons To Go Get The IPhone 3Gs Carbon Fiber Vertical Leather Case

By Larry Richardson

Every phone needs a case, that's a given. The black leather case has always been especially popular both for it's versatility and the durability of the leather itself. This iPhone 3Gs Carbon Fiber Vertical Leather Case add a great design feature to your typical black leather case and gives you the solid protection of carbon fiber. In addition, the following 5 features make it a great buy to protect and pimp out your iPhone 3Gs.

1.) The reinforced magnetic flap will keep your iPhone nice and snug in the pouch, protecting it from accidental drops and bumps.

2.) The belt clip holster can turn a full 90 degrees left or right and is made of hardened plastic and held in place by 2 metal fasteners.

3.) Stretchable neoprene side material letting the case extend and breathe.

4.) Sophisticated Carbon Fiber design from top to bottom adds business-class elegance.

5.) Naturally protective Carbon Fiber material used in high quality gear.

This is the best case I've ever owned and used so far for the Apple iPhone 3Gs. The magnetic flap is great, and thin as it is, it does its job of keeping the phone secure, but still letting me pull it out when I need it. The design is a crowd-pleaser, something people haven't seen before. I always find people admiring it and then asking me where they can get one just like it. The best part is that it does its job of protecting my iPhone. I had my iPhone for over a year and it still looks brand new thanks to my iPhone 3Gs Carbon Fiber Leather Case. - 31834

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My Boss's Wedding

By Donny Donatelli

It has been quite some time since I last spotted my boss. Fortunately, I've been seeing numerous news from her with the help of social networking sites nowadays. As I recall her, Sharon is the type of girl who would not want to be tied up to somebody as she is happy being free like a bird. All she could care for was to get through with the day's work. She was the workaholic type for me, though. And when she plays, she is a playaholic since she knows how to party real hard. She loves grunge fashion and she loves rock music.

I really had a hard time thinking of her as a supervisor. She was more like a friend and a colleague I'd see everyday at work. At work, we weren't allowed to surf the internet during office hours. And since she was my supervisor, I got away with it. I spent lots of hours surfing the internet, saving pictures of my favorite super heroes and then print them later on, in full color using the company's printer which was just a few meters away from me. She knew that and she let me get away with it. Of course, I loved her for that.

One day, she told me she was resigning due to the fact she wasn't amenable with the way of the company. She said there was excessive connivance and corruption going on in the office and she didn't want any part of it. She embraced me and whispered in my ear to be cautious with the people around me when she leaves because she won't be there to protect me any longer. I cried and hugged her for the last time. And then she stepped inside the elevator going down. That was the last time I ever saw her.

After some years, a lot of social networking sites have sprung up like mushrooms. Needless to say, I had to register with the majority of them simply because I was told that I will be capable of finding and getting in touch with old friends again once they sign up for it as well. And I wasn't frustrated. I stumbled upon Sharon in a very well-known networking site. I promptly invited her to be in my pals list and she responded at once.

These days, we have already been chatting a lot with the help of the site's instant messenger application and was I pleasantly surprised just now when she told me she is getting married tomorrow. She will become Mrs. Russ. She showed me their wedding rings via the images she uploaded. They're like never-ending gold vines. Hers is a little one and a bigger one for her soon-to-be hubby. She showed me her husband's gifts to her with their portraits attached to it plus the wedding gown for tomorrow's event. It's basically stunning. The dress sparkled like a diamond and has a number of gold beads sewn on to the base of the gown. She even showed me the cufflinks she'll be giving to her groom as a gift. The cufflinks appeared like a couple of platinum disco balls.

She said she decided on that design because they both love very good music and they both love to dance. I am incredibly happy for her. She said we'll see each other soon and she will bring along her husband, too. Though I am unable to be at their wedding tomorrow, I am still thankful to be just one of the first individuals to get a glimpse of her gown, their wedding rings, the cufflinks and needless to say, the bride-to-be. - 31834

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Profession: Obsessive Shopper

By Sarah Bielak

I do not know a single soul who does not love to go shopping. I mean, with each and every new bag, shoes, clothes and accessories coming out of the market every now and then, it is not possible for even a single man or woman to not hunger for something brand new that she or he just got to purchase. I recall exactly how it feels to desire to shop for the latest devices, the newest leather bags, the newest shoes, the trendiest clothes and a luxurious set of jewelry. All of it and so much more. This reminds me of how much most girls thirst to go shopping, even if it's the last thing they'd do before the end of the world.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes. The list goes on and on. These are usually the names that girls call upon when they get sick. These usually are comforting and easing and comfort words to them. In numerous adult men I know, they call upon Burberry, Calvin Klein, John Varvatos, Dolce & Gabbana and so much more. There are usually a lot of brands that adult males and most women share too so don't get confused as you go shopping. A large number of designers have fashion lines suited for both blokes and a lot of women, and all these names are generally answering to 3 of the best when it comes to status symbol. VISA, MasterCard and American Express. I know various others but they did not make it to the list due to fluctuating fame. I'd rather stick with the giants to play it safe.

Women tend to be compulsive shoppers. This is based on experience so don't lash out on me just yet. Most women go to malls and they're just like rats scattering all over the place. They search every corner, every single store, and every hanger. Leaving no traces of second thoughts in grabbing everything they could get their hands on. Especially during a season sale. You'll see an ocean of girls raging at the mall entrance, waiting for security to open up the mall's entrance, and when they do, it's a major stampede. Just like a pack of hungry wolves making their way through the woods to find their prey. And you better get out of their way if you want to make it to your next itinerary safely.

In a cable TV show where a group of men and women helps out families to clean out the major clutter dilemma they have at home, there's this one episode of a woman who spends so much on shopping, to the point that she has still have not used at least 50% of the things she has acquired. Plus the best part is, all the stuff is scattered and piled up in mounds across the living room to the kitchen until the bedroom. That was the first time I ever saw mountain ranges of clothes, bags, shoes, scarves, hats and undies, all in just one big pile.

These kinds of compulsive shoppers could actually feed an entire community for months, even if they sold each item at half of its original price. The point I'm trying to drive at is that shopping can be fun and at the same time, educating. You can learn a lot from shopping if you only know how to separate your needs from your wants and I assure you, you'll never have to call for a clean house. - 31834

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